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Beach Tour Packages in India by GoTravelics 

India is a vast country where the opportunities to explore various destinations is in abundance. If you are thinking of beach holiday destinations in India, there are plenty of choices and you can explore these amazing beaches with your family or friends in a group holidays or private trips for honeymooners or even the solo traveling.

The places where you can explore the best beach resorts in India gives you the opportunity to have fun while you indulge in various activities related to water sports. You can also just sit and relax while watching people indulging in the beach destinations in India. Below mentioned are the top packages by GoTravelics and if you are interested in beach holidays you must check out the following places. Scroll down and check out: 


Goa beach holiday packages are one of the top-selling beach packages and if you are looking for a festive holiday with the number of options of partying, amazing water sports activities and best fun on the beaches, Goa is the place you must try.

Goa is a Party Capital of India and it is a place where you can indulge in activities like sunbathing, swimming, parasailing or relaxing watching the activities happening around you. Goa is the top place where Indian as well s foreign tourists enjoy their beach holiday in India.  If you want to enjoy the nightlife in a beach destination, nothing can beat the experience of having a fun filled holiday in Goa.


If you want to experience the awe-inspiring holiday you must get a beach holiday in Kerala. Known for its natural beauty and exotic charm the beaches of Kerala are gorgeous and full of surprises. For nature lovers a beach tour in Kerala is something that is going to add great memories to last for a lifetime. With its gorgeous and mesmerizing beaches, Kerala attracts Indian as well as foreign tourists and it offers the magnificent sceneries along with the water sports activities.

There are all sorts of places in Kerala that you can enjoy according to your taste. The beaches of Kerala are brimming with splendor and no less than the paradise on earth. Here you can indulge yourself in adventure packed activities and let yourself loose with the waves splashing on your body.


Alibagh offers great adventure and fun and it is a place where you can make great memories forever. Alibag beach is well known among the people living in Maharashtra as it is one of the most popular weekend getaways for them. Being one of the best beach holidays in India, spending your vacation in Alibag offers peaceful and tranquil time where you can sit and relax while the waves play the mystic music. The place offers spellbinding natural beauty and it is a great place. One of the perfect places to trip in India, Alibagh is magnificent.

Hope the above mentioned information regarding the beach holiday destinations in India help you plan your beach holiday. Be it a family vacation, a bunch of friends looking for fun and enjoyment, honeymooners on a romantic trip or a solo traveler looking for peace and tranquility, the beach holiday packages in India are suitable for everyone and depending upon the budget you can pick the one that makes you have greater fun.

If you have any further questions regarding your beach holiday in the above mentioned destinations or anywhere else in India feel free to contact us on the comment section below and we will get back to you. Also, if you need customized beach tour packages you can ask us.