Mahabaleshwar Hotels

Situated in the Satara district within the state of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the state. This small town is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and embraces one of the few evergreen forests of India. This hill station is flanked by the beautiful mountain range and greenery and hence it serves as a famous tourist spot for the people. The place not only has some of the most amazing tourist spots for you but also provides a cozy and budgeted accommodation. You can find a number of cheap hotels in Mahabaleshwar with a lot of amenities to make the most of. 

Budget Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar hotel packages vary from budget to budget. Following are the most pocket-friendly hotels in the town that guarantee you a comfortable stay.

Hotel Arya:

The beautiful Hotel Arya of Mahabaleshwar is situated 4,718 feet above the sea level. The central location of this hotel makes this hotel one of the most popular budget hotels of Mahabaleshwar. This hotel is located close to all the popular tourist spots of the city and hence you don’t need to travel to distant places to make the most of your trip. The rooms are well-furnished and aesthetically planned to serve all your needs of comfort and convenience. This hotel is also home to various amenities and leisure activities.

Dwarka Hotel:

Dwarka Hotel is flanked by the natural beauty of green mountains and it overlooks the misty valley, thereby making the view all the more beautiful. This hotel has the perfect atmosphere to serve all your holiday needs. It is situated close to the local markets and allows you to experience an amazing local shopping time. The rooms are well-furnished and full of amenities.

Yashraj Hotel:

Hotel Yashraj is situated at Marrypeth and it is considered as one of the top cheap hotels in Mahabaleshwar. This hotel is the best place where you can spend a budgeted exquisite holiday or a cozy honeymoon time. There are spacious rooms, cleaner bathrooms and all kinds of amenities that you would want to seek within a cheaper price range.

Rahi Plaza Hotel:

Rahi Plaza is situated in the main market and this reason makes it one of the most popular hotels within the town. This hotel meets all kinds of great amenities that you would ever want to seek within a lower price. There are uniquely designed rooms, bathtubs, WiFi, and various other services at your disposal. This hotel is very popular among the tourists, thanks to its location as well as amenities that it provides.

Hotel Sapna:

This hotel is located in the heart of the city and it is home to a number of facilities and amenities. The hotel provides you with all kinds of services including taxi service, laundry service and many more. Not only this, you can also enjoy munching on tasty vegetarian delicacies at the dining hall of the hotel. Hotel Sapna is one of the top budget hotels of Mahabaleshwar that provides you with all kinds of services at a nominal rate.

Hotel Astral:

Make Hotel Astral your pick while looking for the cheap Mahabaleshwar hotel packages. This hotel is located within the main market of the city and hence it makes traveling quite convenience. There are all sorts of amenities that you would want to seek and enjoy. The interiors are well-designed and the rooms are spacious. The hotel provides for all kinds of basic services ranging from laundry to taxi services and many others.

Hotel Hillway Inn:

Hillway Inn is one of the most reputed one-star hotels situated within the city. Established in the year 1997, this hotel has gained a good recognition of serving the guests with ample amenities and services. There are spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi, laundry services and many other utilities that the guests can make the most of.

Mahabaleshwar Palace:

Mahabaleshwar Palace is located in the main market and it provides for all the fair amenities that you would want to seek. There are classic and deluxe rooms to choose from. The center attraction of this hotel is the rooftop swimming pool that it offers to its guests. Furthermore, there are a number of amenities and recreational services. The veg kitchen at the hotel serves delicious meals to its guests. This one is surely one of the top cheap hotels in Mahabaleshwar that you would find in the town.

Hotel Sahyadri:

Hotel Sahyadri of Mahabaleshwar is full of amenities. There are facilities such as massage center, outdoor activities, yoga classes, internet facility as well as multi-cuisine restaurants. The rooms are spacious and well-designed. This property is situated within the vicinity to the airport, bus stand, and railway station and various tourist spots of the city.

Hotel Rahi:

Hotel Rahi is a well-recognized budget property that has a lot of offerings for all its guests. There are well-maintained AC and Non-AC deluxe rooms, spacious bathrooms, cable television, laundry services, and many other services to look for. The hotel features multi-cuisine restaurants where you can satiate all your taste buds.

Vishwanath Palace:

Vishwanath Palace is located within a pinnacle of greenery and it boasts one of the only evergreen forests in the world. This factor makes this place all the more popular among the tourists. The hotel offers for ample services for the tourists. There are spacious rooms and several house-keeping services. It also provides you for a guide for a great travel experience.

Travel to Mahabaleshwar and stay at these cozy and pocket-friendly hotels to make the most of your vacation.